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By Iphigenia
#232005 Having another go at my CRFs.
B May 2006, Discharged May 2007. IPA finished September 2009.

In the meantime, I've moved house, and my address is giving me problems. Without giving away enough to ID myself online, my house does not have a number. Supposing it was called The Cottage, Lancaster's Royal Hospital ..... then a streetname, a town and a postcode.

That's it's correct name, and the name I give all official bodies. However, they frequently abbreviate it to "Lancaster Royal Cottage"; or just miss the apostrophe out. It doesn't matter to me - but it's giving me CRF problems: I was turned down for a Capital One card for bad debts the other day, because they couldn't confirm my address with Equifax or Experian. They wouldn't say which.

I sent off for all 3 files a couple of weeks ago. I got the Equifax one yesterday. They have my address as Lancaster Royal Cottage.
I got a reply from Experian today, asking for proofs of ID and address. They have the right address.

Still waiting for CallCredit.

Once I get all 3, what's the best way to get them to all have the same address? I'm on the Electoral Roll, so is sending them a copy of my entry the sensible way to make sure that they're all singing off the same railway timetable?
Most of my accounts are marked S, some with a Partial flag, some not. The date of default is within the bankruptcy year, so can't complain.
Lloyds and Amex still show a D, although "Insight" (what's that?) hasn't been updated for 4 years.
Do I just send them the Letter? And is it 28 days they have to comply?

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By TalbotWoods
#232015 Hi Iphy

Your doing the right thing, but what is happening is that when a creditor or service provider is imputing information, they are inputting it incorrectly.

For example you live at The Cottage, Lancaster's Royal Hospital, when they are submitting to the CRA, then either they or worse still their PAF (Postal Address Finder) is inputting Lancaster Royal Cottage.

What you need to do is:

:!: Ensure that your address is correct with each of the CRAs
:!: Ensure that the address is the same as the electoral address, as given on the CRFs.
:!: Ensure that when a service provider send anything with the incorrect address, you get them to amend it to the same address as the electoral role
:!: You only give the address as it appears in the electoral role
:!: When you have the CRF, check the address entry for each open account, and if different from the electoral registered one get the account holder to change it
:!: Finally next time move to a house with a number!!

Don't worry I've suffered this as well

By Iphigenia
#232045 Thanks, TW. I've written to the Electoral Roll to get them to write to me with the 100% definitive address.

On page 1 of the Equifax report it gives

Linked Addresses
Addr 1 [ Correct details of the house I lived in until 2002].
No debts were incurred here. Well, no default debts, I did have credit cards. I didn't go bankrupt from this address.
It was created in May 2006 by Amex Group, a few days after the bankruptcy. No further details.

The following dat is recorded for you at the address you provided to us
[Variation of present address] Address No: 001
Electoral Roll and Rolling Register Information
[Correct previous address] Date March 2009. Edited Register Yes. Rolling Register: Moved In
- I moved out of there to here in December 2008, so don't understand the dates.
Electoral Roll and Rolling Register Information
Name Date 2007-2009 Edited Register Yes
- no address given here, no understand.

Is there anything in the above I need to sort?

By Iphigenia
#232055 and then there's an entry from a card provider I never used.
Although the status on that is 000000000000000..........SD32100, it also says there is a +£120 balance on it.

Maybe they bought up another card? There are certainly one or two cards I did have that aren't registered in this report.

It has no limit, and the start was £0. The default is a 4 figure sum on a date just before bankruptcy. It looks like a live account but I promise it isn't. The last 12 months show this £+120 and no payment but the status is all zeroes. Leave alone?