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#224675 Hello.
Was in IVA which was settled and discharged from in May 2008. Some of my accounts that were included in IVA are still showing an active balance which gets renewed each month (somehow the balance reduces by a few pounds God knows how or why). Should I be writing to the companies concerned and are there template letters that can be used when been in IVA and should these accounts be showing as settled/part settled and should they still be showing as defaulted each month? So many questions so thanks for reading.
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By submariner
#224815 Only just noticed this one, sorry for delay in reply.

The main thing is to ensure that all accounts are defaulted, showing the correct default date (of before, or around, the date of your IVA agreement - ie the start, not the end). The wording (slightly different for each agency) should show settled, satisfied or partially so... (again, differs between creditors). Lastly, the balance should show as zero and no longer be updated each month.

Your credit reports should also show acknowledgement by the agencies of your original IVA agreement, with the correct date and your completion/implementation, again with correct date.

Getting the dates right ensures that your accounts and IVA record will drop off your credit files 6 years after default... i.e. as said above, at or around 6 years from the start of your IVA.

If, as you are finding, some of the credit accounts are not showing the correct info and ignoring your IVA (not uncommon, I'm afraid), you need to write to the Data Control Manager / Insolvency team of each of your creds and/or DCAs that are reporting, enclosing evidence of completion of your IVA and asking for the info to be corrected. Also write to the Credit Agencies if they are not reporting your IVA + completion correctly.

It's worth searching on this site for addresses of the various creditors and DCAs. I think there may be a template letter, but it's not a difficult one to write: ask for the info mentioned above to be shown correctly. (Please don't hesitate to come back here if you need specific help.) Send the letters recorded delivery. Unfortunately, you may have to do this more than once to get a response recorded on your credit file at last, but eventually it (really!) does get sorted if you stick at it!

Actually, I have found that this is one instance where it is worth phoning the creditors involved, if you can find a number for their insolvency teams, as they are often very helpful post successful IVA... very different from the dark days before tackling the problem! This is especially true when following up initial written contact. They will always require written evidence of your IVA settlement, but often, if they still can't find it, that can be faxed directly to the person you are talking to, if you have access to a fax (of course!).

Best of luck... it's worth doing in the end!
#224866 Hello. Many,many thanks for the clear advise. I have found said template letters on the site and will be writing to those creditors who are not yet up to speed with my situation.
I will let you know the outcomes as and when but until then thanks again.