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#224455 Hi All

I have been going through my CRF's and finnaly after many hurdles i have got my equifax report.

Theres a couple of things different to my experian one, for example by BO was 1/8/04 at experian and the 18/8/04 at equifax cant remember which one is correct and tbh for 17 days im not that fussed about it however:-

Also is listed in the notice of correction section is the following :-

Previous Addresses

VAR FAILED ON 27/01/2004

Date of Birth:
Date Registered:29/05/2003

Essentially i chose to not pay my VAR to force me into bankruptcy, obviously its been longer than 6 years for this and it concerns me that this could be on there forever more, is it possible to have this removed ??
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#224466 Yes, however a notice of correction can only be removed by the person or organisation who placed it there.

If an organisation placed it you will need to contact them in the first instance.

If you placed it you contact the CRA to get it removed

#224467 Would the person that is listed in


be the person that placed it there.
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#224471 Yes
#224473 Thank you

for some reason that person is me and i certainly never did it, at least it makes it easy to get rid of it then.
#224489 Hi there peter,

I was in the same situation as yourself, I too entered into an IVA, and before I paid any money I decided to declare myself bankrupt.

Like yours, Equifax had the failed IVA down as a notice of correction.

Only 3 weeks ago, I wrote to Equifax and asked them if they could remove the notice of correction, and if not, could they give me details on how to.

Received a letter and a copy of my credit report, from Equifax yesterday telling me that the notice of correction had been removed.

I was sooooo pleased, as I think this has been stopping me from getting a Capital One credit card.

Good luck :)
#224493 Hi

Thanks for that, if you dont get any joy with capital one try the vanqius card, capital one refused me but vanquis didnt (probably as capital one was one of the ppl that were on my bankruptcy list)
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