Information to help you deal with your CRF's

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By TalbotWoods
#222653 Yes, No and Yes

Yes - If hey have placed a Gone Away marker against you, then the DCAs that have placed it will be notified of the address, but ONLY those that have placed it there.

No - Unless they have placed the Gone Away Marker they will not be told.

Yes - When you took out the loan/Credit Card you will have signed a set of Terms and Conditions which allow the Creditor (or their agents) to carry out checks of your CRFs. So at any time a creditor or DCA can 'search' your CRF as a routine check, and when they do they can associate you and the address, they can then also link these on your CRF. However, ONLY the creditor or DCA will knowledge of your address, so if you have 15 creditors then each would have to search to make this link.