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By flippin_nutty_tart
#221633 ok, so after reading stories on here i decided to clean up my credit file. I was made bankrupt in oct 2008 and was discharged in may 2009, i got a copy of my CRF and I had 5 accounts out of about 20 that was incorrect. 3 were still listed as defaults and 2 were saying i still owed them money and were still putting "late payments" onto my file.

I wrote to all 5 companies with a letter template from this website, enclosed my bankruptcy notice and also my letter of discharge (recorded delivery, of course!! :) )

Lloyds TSB have responded as someone else said they would "we will update your file but will not close it as satisfied/settled as it wasnt fully paid but will mark it as partially settled" which is fine. GE Money also replied after 1 week apologising and said they too would update my file. I checked my files today and although they havent changed them yet, Mint Cards (RBS) have updated theirs too!! So thats 3 down, 2 to go.

One was O2 phone company, now on doing a bit of research on their site someone said to send all letters to their head office, which I did, but I'm not sure whether this should of been sent there or to Telefonica which is the company that own O2??

Also the last one was with Link Financial (GE Capital) and I'm assuming again that this letter is sent to Link Financial themselves and not GE??

By flippin_nutty_tart
#222576 ok so 4 out of 5 of my creditors have now amended my credit file, but I havent heard anything from link financial (ge capital) i sent link financial the letter, but should i of sent it to ge capital instead??
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By JaneClack
#222585 are they not now Santander?

You have plenty of time to do this as bankruptcy sits on credit file for 6 years anyway!!

It's so tough being stranded abroad....