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By MP1965
#220225 Hi

Can someone please advise me?

Entered into an IVA 2004, completed 2009. All but 1 creditor have marked my CRF correctly.

This 1 creditor defaulted my account in 2006, 2 years after the start date of my IVA. I wrote to the Data Controller as per the guidelines on this site (thank you TalbotWoods).

I received no reply from them & my CRF had not been amended. I therefore filed a complaint with the ICO. At the end of November, I received acknowledgement from the ICO with a reference number & stating that it had been assigned to a casework team, but since then have heard nothing.

Having recently checked my CRF the default is still showing as 2006. I really want to get it sorted since all the bad stuff should drop off my CRF in April & I will then be looking to finance a new car to replace my 12 year old one! As it is, this incorrect default date will be there until 2012 which I'm sure will cause me problems!

Is there anything else I can do other than sit tight & wait for the ICO to come back to me?

Any advice appreciated. Thank you.
#220305 Hello there MP, I am in the process of cleaning up my credit files, post bankruptcy.

I have had all responses from all the creditors barr one. And this one, I reported to the ICO. Like yourself, I have received an acknowledge letter from them, then, another one to say it was gonna be refered to a case worker team. The months you did yours correspond to mine. :)

So, I guess we just sit and wait. And from what I can gather on here, the ICO is very busy.

Sorry for the longish reply, but it is nice to know that others are going through the same.