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By Number6
#220156 Hello everyone,

Haven't been on here for some time now.

It's over 3 years since I wen bankrupt and I've decided that it's time to start clearing up my CRF's .

Just a quick question..

Would a print out from the Insolvency Service website showing my status as discharged suffice as discharge notification as i don't have a certificate of discharge.


By Number6
#220181 Anyone?

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By TalbotWoods
#220188 For most creditors the answer is yes, it certainly is for the CRA's. However, it has been known for the occasional DCA to demand a certificate of discharge.

By Number6
#220189 Thanks Tim, much appreciated.

My letters are going off tomorrow!
#220199 Good luck number6, with cleaning up your credit files. :)

My hubbie and I had been declared bankrupt four years before I decided to clean them up.

We started in Sept last year, and it is still on going now. It is an uphill struggle, but then I suppose it depends on how many creditors you had. Me personally had twelve :shock: :shock: And it has taken a lot of phone calls, late nights sat on the computer and research, but now I am down to one creditor, and that one has been passed onto the ICO. :)

Best of luck :clap: :clap: :clap: