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By Sportgirl
#219642 Good morning

I went bankrupt in March 2007. A couple of my credit accounts are showing the default date as after the bankruptcy date and the status is default. Do I have to write to the creditors asking them to show default date as date of bankrupcy and do they need to show my account as settled?

I also have one account where default date is pre bankruptcy. Will this fall off my account as a matter of course or do I need to write to them to change the default date and status?

Finally, I had a court judgment months before I went bankrupt. It was a different court in which I went bankrupt and it looks like my debt has been sold. Do I need to do anything with this?

It is odd because 3 of my creditors are still missing - barclaycard, barclays bank and Northern Rock. My credit account includes all my previous addresses and I have even spoken to experian about this but they still aren't showing.

Thanks in advance

#219668 Hi there sportgirl,

Yes, you do need to write to the creditors asking them to show the default date, as your date of bankruptcy, and your file needs to show that the debt is settled or partially settled. In the useful information section, is a very good letter template to use for cleaning up your files.

The default accounts will fall off the file six years from the date of default. I have a few that are pre bankruptcy dates, and I have only just got them marked as settled.

Sorry I don't know anything about court judgements, so cannot help there.

All I can say is good luck with trying to clean up your files, I started mine in September, and I still have two ongoing. It is a nightmare, but hopefully it will be sorted soon.