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By irishboy
#219276 Hi All

The story so far......

I took out a finance agreement for a car in 1999. The car was repossessed around a year later. I had a ccj taken out against me in August 2002. (wasnt aware this has happened until this year when i had a copy of an inhibition notice posted through my door) however a default was registered on the account in 2006.

As far as i can work out, a default cannot be registered after a ccj was issued.

Does anyone know how I can get this removed from my credit file as it is the only thing stopping me getting a mortgage.

This would have already been removed if the default hadnt been added four years after the ccj.

Any advice ?

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By TalbotWoods
#219288 Indeed you are correct.

For a CCJ to be issued a default will have had to have been rasied, so this will definatly preceed the CCJ date.

You will need to contact whoever placed the default on the CRF, and point this out to them, and let them know that if they do not correct this you will commence a complaint agasint them, and take it to the FSA if necessary.