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By Mr Eman
#218203 just out of interest is there any good reason why someone should not check their credit file.

for instance : checking ones own file confirms your address and then any creditor could come chasing you and by doing so is one potentially opening a can of worms ??

myself.i have never checked my file and am 100% positive any debts i have are well over 6 years old anyway and should not be showing on my credit concern is that by confirming my address details with a credit reference agency i might find something im not aware off.of course if it is incorrect i can ask for clarification and correction but with DCA's believing they are a law unto themselves i could be opening 'that' can of worms

Mr Eman

Mr Eman
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By TalbotWoods
#218214 Mr E

Checking you own file doesn't trigger an alert to any creditor, as the only address information they have access to is the electoral registration part of your CRF's which is updated automatically anyway.

The only exception being is if there is a Gone Away entry, which is only valid for a maximum of one year. A creditor must pay for this to be put on, and if you haven't surfaced in that year it is removed, and no notification is sent to them