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By MrBroke2
#211392 Due to a council error i was deleted from the roll at the end of 04 (they should have just removed me from the restricted register bit), didn't know this until the following election (no poll card sent) but got it sorted & Equifax show it as 03 to present which is correct, but looking at Experian today they have 10/2003 to10/2004 then 10/2005 to present. Would this missing year cause me any problems in the future? as i'll get onto the council pronto to correct it, if it would. Thanks.
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By Deus
#211478 It shouldnt do, as long as youre on it at present it should be ok.

Oh and if youve just gone on it get ready for jury service lol...i have been on and off it over the years and evert time i go on it i get called !! :lol: :lol: