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By nipper
#211337 Hi all,

Wanted to share this and see if anyone could give me some advice to where I stand.

I have had a Next account for a long time, and have spent thousands with them. A couple of years ago I started using my next account as a credit building exercise, buying bits and bobs and making sure I payed them every month.

I check my credit report regularly and at the beginning of this year was shocked to see the Next had said I had made a late payment for month November last year. I was sure I hadn't missed, so I checked all my statements, sure enough a payment went out of my account every month. When I phoned them to enquire, and prove I hadn't missed, they told me that Novembers payment was 2 days too early (i payed on 6th November, their November statement starts 8th) so was included on October's statement. Despite my utter refusal to accept this, they told 'computer says no' and wouldn't budge. I contacted Experian who in turn contacted Next, still they wouldn't budge. :evil:

I'm fuming about this, it seems so unfair. And besides they are holding incorrect information about me on my credit report, saying Novembers payment was late, when really it was early. I am been a good customer and being punished!

I am going ring them back, but thought I'd get some views on this and where I stand.

Many thanks in advance.
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By TalbotWoods
#211343 You need to make a complaint the the Inforaction Commiosners Office on this, as it is unlikely they will budge otherwise.

If you look in the Useful Inforation section of the site you will find the corrrect process to do this.

By nipper
#211418 I check the useful info section, and I have started drafting a letter. The link for the Data Commissioner Search isn't working. Its now

You say that I need to write to the Data Controller for that particular company. Does this mean in person? When I searched for NEXT it didn't give me any names, under Data Controller it just said NEXT GROUP PLC.
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By TalbotWoods
#211420 The Data Controller for Next Catalogues and are Next Retail Ltd

Whose Data Controller is:



LE19 4AT

Other Names:


Also thanks for pointing out the link fault, I've amended it now