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By ref file issues
#205400 Hi everyone

Bankrupt (2 years ago), Discharged (18 months ago), credit files cleaned (eventually!) - so waiting for drop off time in another 4 years.

I have a Coop cashminder account. They have recently sent me account terms & conditions, they state:
"We and the Group may use, analyse and assess your information... ... Other organisations may also access and use this information... make credit decisions about you and anyone to whom you are linked financially or other members of your household"

I am now married post-bankruptcy and do not have a financial link to my wife (this has been checked with the credit ref agencies).

The Coop t&c's are saying that they and other organisations can make credit decisions about other members of my household (i.e. my wife) based on my information (even though we have no financial link).

I thought this was clear-cut, either you have a financial link or you don't (my bankruptcy was nothing to do with my now wife) but the t&c's are stating otherwise.

Your thoughts please, many thanks
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By Yogi Bear
#205401 I'm not sure it isn't just a case of badly-worded or ambiguous T&C. A financial link doesn't have necessarily have to be with another member of the household (although they usually are): it could be anyone. But in the absence of a link, they cannot access your wife's credit file without her consent - which she would have to give if you applied for anything jointly.