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By jack29
#201836 :( Just for anyone who may be near to the end of their IVA...check your credit files carefully! Experian...everything dropped of my file, IVA and all defaults on 21/8/2008 six years to the day that my IVA started.Can't fault them at all.
Now Equifax are another matter...IVA off by 22/08/2008 and a couple of defaults too, however 5 defaults (with correct default dates on!) are still showing on my credit file today 27/08/2008. I have spoken to them 3 times regarding this matter on the 22/8 was told can take a couple of days to call back Tues and if they still showed they could be removed manually...called back Tues...still on there..then told no we can't remove them you must fill out an on-line dispute...why?!...they are supposed to be removed after 6 years!!
Filled in dispute but called back today to check if they are still on there and was told yes they are and "oh this sometimes happens, we check and when they are seven days over the six years we remove them manually but we only do this on a Sunday as we get too much info in during the week to deal with these issues"
I am really cross...I appreciate getting into debt was my fault but I have had a really hard struggle for 5 years with my IVA..waited another year to see this past struggle drift into the past and still I am having chase things up. Sorry for the rant but I am really frustrated with all this :x
By jack29
#201865 Finally Equifaax have now removed them. Just now have to wait for the Notice of Correction to be removed....had to write in to request that to be removed :? It has reference to the completion date of my IVA so would like to remove all reference of that too!
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By alexandra5988
#203474 The Credit files are the worst part I think after everything is over, I have just dowloaded my experian one and pleased all the companies barr one had updated my file to show satisfied, just one year to go until they drop off. Haven't checked equifax will do when I get paid but dreading that,