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By deliverance
#193286 I have a serious problem with Moorcoft Debt Recovery who are supplying out of date info to Credit Ref. Agys. I have been paying a debt which had a default date of Dec. 2001 and therefore should no longer be on file but these people are saying that as they only bought the debt in 2003, the default date starts again, which is nonsense. Callcredit are accepting what Moorcroft say which is a sad reflection on their knowledge of the legislation. Nat. Debtline. assure me that only one default is issued for each account and that the date on which it's passed to another agency has no relevance. Moorcroft also reckon that they can continue to give info to reference agencies as long as there is a balance outstanding regardless of the length of time. Any suggestions ?
By everett
#193296 You can write to the CRA asking them to remove it.
A debt will only stay on your CRF for 6 years from the date of the first default.
By deliverance
#193386 I have contacted Callcredit and they say the cannot remove it without Moorcrofts permission. That's what I find so frustrating. Callcredit should know the law but they just accept whatever Moorcroft say.
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By Yogi Bear
#193390 Legally, once you've lodged a dispute with the agency (Callcredit) asking for an incorrect entry to be removed or amended, and the agency has refused, then you take it to the Information Commissioner for a ruling. In the meantime, send the agency a Notice of Correction to be added to your file.