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By Leigh
#192911 I've a couple of questions before I start sending the letters out to my creditors.

1) A lot are showing a Current Balance as the balance at the time of BR. Can I add an additional bullet point to the letter "It is requested that you mark the current balance as zero, in accordance with the Data Protection Act."??

2) The text that states "I have copied the relevant information provided by the Information Commissioner as an attachment to this request. " What information is this from the IC? I'm going to enclose the Bankruptcy Order, letter from Insolvency Service and the CRF I have with the correct BR details. Do I need anything else?

3) Can I amend the first bullet point to ensure the default satisfied date is not later than the discharge date, so:
"It is requested that if you intend to default the account, the default entry must be <BR date>, and the default satisfied date must be no later than <discharge date>, in accordance with the Data Protection Act. "

I've finally decided to tackle all of these - thanks for your help guys! I've worked out a really good system for tackling them, if it works, I'll share it.


*edit to add 3rd question :?