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By MalianaCC
#190795 In the past year I have divorced, moved house and gone back to using my maiden name.

The majority of the debts I incurred where at my previous address whilst I was married and so not in the name I now use (maiden)

I recently applied for a copy of my credit files, for my new address, and it shows the details of the credit cards that I have at this address. It also shows details of linked addresses and whilst it shows my previous one it does not show any of the debts that I had there.

Firstly, how do they find out about the previous address when I haven't given it to them?

Secondly, why are the debts from my previous address (most in my married name) not linked to my new address?

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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By Yogi Bear
#190796 When you apply for a copy of your file, you have to give all the names you've used and the addresses you've lived at in the last six years. If you don't, then the data provided in your file may be incomplete.

Linked or previous addresses will normally be added by the creditors as and when you notify them of a change of name/address, as well as if they do a 'gone away' type of search for your current whereabouts.