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By Leigh
#189796 Hi,

My Bankruptcy Order is showing on my CRF, with the note:

When your BR has been annulled or discharged we will be informed by the Insolvency Service. For Further Information please see the report guide.

My Discharge was early, 31st Aug 2007. I've had the notice from the OR, but subsequently misplaced it. How do I a) get a copy of the notice b) get the Order updated on the CRF?

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By TalbotWoods
#190336 Don't worry to much about it, as that note is only visible to you, and not anyone else.

The key is that the date of the bankruptcy is correct, as it is on the 6th anniversary of that date the bankruptcy will fall off, not the discharge date.

If you need another copy I would suggest giving the ORs office a polite call, they can often produce another one off the system for you