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By Leigh
#189692 Hi,

Has anyone found the Barclaycard data controller? I'm starting with Experian, using their free trial. First one that's peeved me is that Barclaycard sold the debt to Max recovery, who have settled their part ok but Barlcaycard is outstanding.

On the report, it gives loads of contact addresses, some even have the CRA and Data Management contacts.

But Barclaycard is surprisingly anonymous..
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By ted the ferret
#189716 i had a lot of grief with barclaycard not doing anything,so i sent them a pretty obnoxious letter,last week i had a very polite letter from eversheds who were acting on behalf of max recovery who had bought my debt from barclaycard,they asked for copies of my 3 reports ,today i had another very polite from eversheds,saying many apologies and all 3 files will be corrected in 7 days,also they will imform barclaycard to update their records and remove the accountsfrom your credit files,.
LS11 5DR.
very satisfactory results,ALL MY FILES have now been updated to my satisfaction ,3 months from start to finish ,so dont give up people.
many thanks to tim
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By ted the ferret
#189869 if you order the £2 ones be prepaired for the muppets to write to you asking for your name and address,as you never supplied the imfo,trouble with this it adds another couple of weeks to the process,but what the heck,no debts no worries,life time ahead ,glad i kept badgering creditors and not going ico straight away,would have run into months,give em about 3 attempts,make your letter a bit less polite each time,worked for me
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By Leigh
#189881 Yep, I'm prepared for a battle, but that's what you guys are here to help with :D

Glad I deceided to start the ball rolling now, want to re-mortgage in Sep 2009, don't want to see all the mess then!