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#189071 To start clearing my CRFs, I have writen to lendors as was kindly advised on this site but have got confused with Call credit entries from some of my lenders.

Namely, some of my lenders on the one hand did make amendmends resulting in:
current balance - 0,
most recent account status code - settled,
and status history - OK

but on the other hand the account status is still shown as default
(see extract from the file below)
Also, Callcredit File summary section shows humber of defaults as 6 as a result.

My question is do I need to bother to write to lenders (or callcredit) to ask to amend account status from "default" to "settled/satisfied". Or should I be happy with the fact that my most recent account status is already shown as settled, status history is shown as ok and current balance is 0.

Which entry is more important? Anyone has any suggestions? Thanks.

extract from callcredit entry

Company Name Nat West Bank
Account Holder Status Normal
Account Status Default
Period Last Updated To 02/02/2008
Most Recent Account Status Code PS - Settled
Current Balance £0
Opening Balance £5909
Status History [ok]
#189199 Yogi Bear, thanks for your reply

There is no default date anythere.

Although, there are

account holder end date
account end date

which are the same date and both correspond to my backruptcy date, (although some lenders put discharge date).

What do you make of it?

Also, why do you think that '0' current balance is not a good thing?
I thought that '0' current balance confirmes that a lender has written off the debt and, therefore, it is a nice to have entry.
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