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By elise
#189012 hi i am new and abit worried, i recently got married and have in the past had afew debts problems. my husbands knows all about my debts and luckily we have now managed to pay them all off although i am still having problems getting a ordinary bank account. my husband has a great credit history and has never had any problems getting a mortgage or any other type of credit my concern is now we are married my bad credit history could affect him, we dont have a joint mortgage or any joint bank account, any advice would be greatly appreciated. thankyou
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By TalbotWoods
#189022 Hi elise

as yo dont have any joint accoutn or joint financial ties then your credit history will not affect your husbands.

This is because of a cahnge in the law that came into effect in Nov 2004, where credit files are against an INDIVIDUAL not a household.

The only time they can become linked is when there is a joint formal financail matter, such as a joint bank account, joint mortgage, etc.

Hope that helps a bit

By elise
#189027 thats great news thankyou for that information, please could you give me any information on how long it will take for my credit to get back to normal now my debts have been re paid? thanks
By dancov
#189031 Hi,
The first thing you need to do is order your credit reference files from the 3 agencies. That will show you what potential lenders will see and you can also get any discrepencies amended.

Have you defaulted on any accounts or been subject to any CCJ's?

By elise
#189110 yes in the past and i am talking years ago. since then i managed to get a capital one credit card and also a account with littewoods catalogue, i make sure these things are paid off every month on time, i still cant seem to get a normal bank account or mobile phone contract?
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By Yogi Bear
#189114 If there are any defaults or CCJs on your credit file, they will remain there for six years from the date they were registered, even if the account was subsequently settled.

If a bank or other lender declines your application to open an acoount, you can ask which agency they used and they must give you the agency's name and address. If on the other hand you've already got a Capital One credit card and a Littlewoods catalogue, it may just be that some lenders pick and choose more than others - and I'm afraid there isn't much you can do about that.
By elise
#189119 thankyou for advice, i think the only thing i can do now to find out what is happening is to ask for my credit files.