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By ref file issues
#187230 Hi

Discharged from Bankruptcy last summer.

I have obtained my reports through (I know it's not the cheapest but it's been convenient for me).

I obtained my Equifax report towards the end of last year when I was about half way through operation CRF clean up, I got a score of around 250.

Just obtained my latest Equifax report, now down to just a few account errors (still showing as default) and my credit score is 0.

Has there been a change of policy by Equifax? i.e. they zero score all Bankrupts < 6 years - or is it because I have a notice of correction on the file (stating that my bankruptcy is discharged) that stops auto-credit scoring? - or something else?

Thoughts appreciated, many thanks
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By Yogi Bear
#187231 A Notice of Correction definitely does stop automated credit-scoring from being carried out, yes. I don't know, but I'd have assumed it would have produced an "error" or "referral" message rather than an actual score of zero, but perhaps that's the only situation in which anyone would ever have a score of zero? :?
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By TalbotWoods
#187232 More likely because checkmyfile and the other like that (oddly enough all owned by the same company) are currently in dispute with the actual Credit REFERENCE agencies over fees (AGAIN)

Remember they are not a Credit REFERENCE agency

They are a Credit REPORTING agency, so they have to buy in these services from the Credit REFERENCE agencies

Mind you I do find it odd that they are claiming that it is your equifax (or even experian) as checkmyfile used to buy their reports from CallCredit!!! But then again they didn't want to pay CallCredits fees anymore!!

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By TalbotWoods
#187242 They create it!!