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By Dicharged01/07
#187141 I have now had to write to Equifax and Experian again as they had not updated my court discharge details. I was early discharged January 2007, one shows discharge as the year date June 2007, and the other hasnt updated it at all, and it still shows open.

Now I have now recieved a letter from Equifax, telling me,

'Unfortunatly due to system restraints we are unable to actually put the date satisfied into the Court section of the Report but this is clearly indicated in the Notice of Correction section of the report and all lenders are aware of this situation and would be able to correctly read and understand the information contained in your credit report.'

May I just check that this is correct, Tim, maybe? Can they do this?
Plus, if they are telling me the above, how can I get the date of discharge put in there? I'm on the home straight with this, all ex creditors are sorted, its just these now looming :(

Thanks for your help.

P.s. Still waiting for Experian!
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By TalbotWoods
#187144 Yes they are right in what they are saying.

The satisfied date that you see in the public information section is meant for CCJs and AO only, remember we are discharged from bankruptcy and not satisfied from the debt!!

The date of discharge can be added as a Note of Correction in the public Information sections, but one point worth bearing in mind (which I why I never harp on about getting that date amened) is that a NoC can sometimes prevent automated credit scoring in the future.

As the actual date the entry will fall off will be 6 years from the date of bankruptcy, and the system will 'score' you down because of the bankruptcy date, it is fairly unimportant that the discharge date is altered. (The scoring systems don't add extra points for early discharge!!)

What is far far more important is that you get the account defaults and settlement dates correct, they have a BIG impact on scores!

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By Dicharged01/07
#187146 I meant discharge not it actually doesnt matter if it is still sat there as open? Ie a Bankruptcy date and no discharge date?

Cheers Tim