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By doemichael
#177055 not sure where to post this.

I am in an IVA and today recieved a letter with this address on it but the wrong name saying that an application for a mastercard had been declined. I did not apply for a card and this is addressed to my grandchilds name by as a Mr and she is Miss.

I think I know who has done this and am worried now that if they have done this they may have applied for other credit using my address. I called the company involved and obviously due to data protection they could not tell me anything but did say this would possible have been an online applicarion. I am worried now in case he has applied for anything and it has been approved.

Should I apply for copy of credit file? biggest problem is he could have used anyones name so other applications at this address would not show up. I know I can get an alert on my file but 4 of us so going to cost almost £50 I do not have and he like I said before he could use anyname. I am concerned also if this person applys for credit to our address and keeps getting declined ( which he sould ) it will show on our credit file. Will IP check our credit file during IVA to see if any searches? will a search not in husbands or my name show if a credit check is done.

I do not have any acual proof of who this person is, but believe me myself and my family are 100% sure of who it is as this person has done fraubulant things before and has stolen money from my home before and was taken to court and fined for it.

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By TalbotWoods
#177056 First and foremost dont worry there are procedures you can do to stop further problems with this.

First and foremost alert your IP that you have had this happen and you suspect fraud is involved that you are going to investigate - this will alert him to the fact someone may be trying to sabotage your IVA, and get you out of a lot of possible future fun (NOT)!!

Then contact the CRFs explaining what has happened asking for their Fraud Identify Dept (you will need to do this to all three I am afraid), again explain what has happened, they will advise you of the best route forward.

Normally they will get a CIFAS flag set that will prevent any online applications and if someone tries then the paperwork MUST be sent to the address that you live at and is shown on the CRF (electrol Role side)

Yes it may cost a few quid, but the IP should allow you an exceptional payment for this as you will have told him.

Now the difficult part, you suspect you know who it is, but cant confirm it, well next time you see the person carefully drop into any conversation that it looks like someone has tried ID fraud on you, don't name names and don't let on that you suspect them. Then drop the bomb on them tell them that the police are investigating, and they say they have pretty much identified the person (but refuse to tell you who at present) and they have told you that they hope to be making an arrest very soon - see what colour they go!!

If it is them that should send a massive warning shot across them, that firstly you know, and secondly you are telling them you know and that you have done something about it!

By doemichael
#177058 thanks for the reply I will contact IP tomorrow.

As far as this person is concerned I do not know where he is living at the minute , last contact was in May when Police where investigating another matter involving this person and a member of my family. I did contact this persons ex girlfriend and told her what has happened and that I was contacting the Police. I think she is still in contact with him so will tell him. Although to be honest do not think this will stop him.

As far as the CIFAS is concerned I do know if will flag if anyone applies for credit in the name of the people who live in this house but it is more likely to be a different name but this address will this flag ANY applications at this address? I have a 17 year old and 19 year old living here and did not really wnat to get them involved but guess I am going to have to.

thanks again