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By TalbotWoods
#161539 You

Any organisation that you have given permission to, such as a creditor or Bank

Any organisation that has bought a debt which will include the rights and permissions from the original debt agreement

The Police (with Court Order or Magistrates Warrant)

The UK Security Services (such as MI5)

Any agency connected with the original creditor or purchasing agency involved in tracing Gone Away debtors

HMRC (but this is very very recent and the procedures are not in place yet)

But this is where it also gets a bit complicated, it depends on who and why as to how much they can see. Most can ONLY see the account they own, your public info, electoral register info and linked address, but this is likely to change in the not to distant future which means then a creditor will be able to see ALL the information on your CRF (currently this is at white paper stage)

AS to who has searched the CRF this will ALWAYS show up in the searches section, and it will tell you why it is has been viewed (with the exception of the Police and Security Services who do not leave a foot print)