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By Stevew
#472696 I've lived at my current address and been on the Electoral roll since 2002. I noticed an unknown linked address on my Experian credit report dated 2011 placed there by a well know mail order company. It has my correctly spelt name above the address.

The linked address is around 100 miles from where I live. I asked Experian to look into it and it appears the company in question are not going to remove it. I have since contacted the company and spoke to one of their 'debt' team and he admitted he cannot find any account at that address - although I accept he could be misleading me.

The question I have, is how can I get this unknown linked address removed. Do I have to go through the ICO , or can I take the company that placed the address on my file to court and use the legal system to force its removal.

PS: I was on the old debt forum for years, and have only just found this site - nice to be back :)
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By JaneClack
#472698 As you have lived at the other address since 2002 then this could have been a fraudulent application for credit at the other address or even a bonafide one with someone with the same name. I would suggest you go back to the mail order company and ask for this to be removed from your credit file as it is not a linked address to you as you do not and have never lived there. They are the ones who can remove it - the credit reference agency cannot do this unilaterally as they get the information from creditors.

I would try this route first before going to the information commissioner.

I should also point out that the site does not really deal with credit reference agency/file problems as it is for debt issues and so we cannot give the help that Tim did. I shall check with Experian though to find out their stance on this kind of thing and what they would suggest.