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By Captainradical
#472515 I missed payments on a Halifax credit card in 2010, about 6 in total, the debt I owed was £2700 and I partially settled with a lump sum in July 2010- however the "status" of this account is still showing up as "default" on creditcall and the account balance says £582 (which is the difference between the debt and the amount I paid as a settlement). The last status on there is August 2010 which says "df" and after this it just has dashes meaning "no info available".
I really hope this makes sense! Why has the account not been updated? On my equifax report the account is showing as "satisfied" as it should be!

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!
By sally1
#472516 Hi Captainradical,
I'm afraid yours is quite a common problem.
When individuals negotiate full and final settlement offers, the end result is that often the creditor agrees that on receipt of an agreed sum of money they will 'no longer pursue the debt'. This does not mean that the debt is satisfied and it does not end your liability for any outstanding amount.
Hopefully, when you negotiated the full and final settlement, you did it in writing or at least confirmed the arrangement in writing.
If you did and it was agreed that
a) the sum you paid would be in full and final settlement of the debt,
b) that there would be no outstanding liability for the debt and
c) that your credit reference would state that the debt was satisfied
then you can write to CallCredit with this evidence and ask them to amend the reference to show satisfied.
If, however, the creditor merely agreed not to pursue you further for the debt then the outstanding amount still remains as a debt, the credit reference is not required to show as satisfied and the original creditor can sell the debt and the new owner of the debt will be free to pursue you to recover the money.
I hope this clarifies things.
Do check what was actually agreed in writing and if you need further help, please come back.
By Captainradical
#472517 Thanks so much for replying, unfortunately I'm pretty sure I have nothing in writing to confirm but when I credit checked myself a few years ago with equifax/Experian it said "satisfied" so I presumed all was okay, it's only on callcredit which I only checked recently that the default is still showing as current. Now I've flagged it up with Halifax and am terrified they're going to come after me for the remaining balance!
I guess I'll just have to sit tight and wait and hope that Halifax have something on their records to show that I came to an agreement with them.