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By death angel
#471534 I'm pleased to say that this morning I paid off the last of my credit card debt. It's taken 7 years but they are all gone.

Just out of interest I decided to have a brows through my last Experian credit report of June 2014 to check who had and who hadn't defaulted us.

On the 28/06/2009 we paid Capital One off in full. They defaulted the account on the same day which I don't think was a very fair thing to do as the last payment was £45.

To make things interesting they marked the account as being settled in July not June.

I know this will drop off the CR next year but I am unhappy that they did this on the Day the account was paid off.

Is this a common practice to default an account on the same Day it is settled?

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By TalbotWoods
#471550 Hi DA

Sorry Me Bad, been doing a lot of heavy duty stuff this past week so missed this one.

In the confusion that was going on about the time that you were getting all the defaults, Capital One and several others were getting the placement incorrect.

So there are three options:

If you KNOW they defaulted you in the past, I would suggest a letter to their Data Controller, reminding them they they had previously defaulted you on such a such date, and if they fail to update it correctly you will report them (with the proof) to the Information Commissioner. That normally gets them to amend (and sometimes just remove the account in full!)


If you don't know for sure, or are not aware that they did an original default back in the past, you can Subject Access Request them (it will cost you £10) for all their records on you, which if you specific ask, will show the default date and if one was issued, which means you can move back to the first step.


Reluctantly accept that what has happened, has happened, and at least the account is over 3 years old now, and will drop off in 2 years time anyway (remember a closed settled (or partially settled account) scores more than an open debt account (plus for 95% of financial checks if he default is more than three years old 'must' ignore it nowadays!