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#471323 After reviewing my credit file I have a couple of queries.

One of my Barclaycard debts was passed to Cabot. The Barclaycard entry has been marked a settled with a date, however I note from the account status code is 6. I actually maintained a constant agreement for payment with Barclays and when this was up for a review I negotiated another one.

It also shows that on some months my payment was 0 and other months has my payment there. I paid via direct debit so payment was made each month as per the agreement. Will these anomolies have a huge impact on my score/rating? The debt is marked settled in 2011. It also states "Date assigned cais member as 2011. What is this?

Cabot have now made a new entry on my credit file for the debt.

Joint applications

I made a couple of applications for a accounts years ago with my partner and they are still showing on my account. How long should these stay on my account if I did not get approved or take up the account? It only states Joing application not joint account as some of the other entries state.

Finally, if a creditor deletes the entry from your file and the debt still exists. Can another creditor add the same debt back on again?
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By TalbotWoods
#471333 Hi

If Cahoot have bought the debt, then Barclays have to remove their entry in total. You can ONLY have one entry per account.

So first step is to get hold of Barclays DATA Controllers and get the enters removed form ALL the credit files.

With regards the joint accounts, the accounts will drop off 6 years form the last action on the accounts. If it was just an application, then this would be a search and not a full account. Only fully opened accounts can show as a open account.

If you have open accounts that are not in use, then I would suggest getting them closed, even if not use at anytime, as this puts a financial link between your and your partner
#471380 Thanks for the help as always.

I have just checked my file and the barclaycard debt is showing as settled in November 2012 which is when they handed it to Cabot. Cabot have now added their own entry for this debt, so both debts are still on my report, but the barclaycard one with history is now showing settled. I assume this will stay like that for 6 years. Is this right, or should it no longer be on there?
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By TalbotWoods
#471382 Hi Ya

If the account was defaulted, then the account will fall off 6 years form the default date, irrespective of if it is showing as settled or not.

As they have marked it as settled that actually is a positive, for now, until the account drops off!