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By death angel
#471113 :( :( :( I was turned down for a job today with my credit file being given as the reason. :( :( :(

They said they used Equifax so I though I would use their online service to get my credit report. I know nothing much has changed on my file except AP ( arrangement to Pay) has started to appear and another load of debt has been paid off. Is having AP on your file as bad has having a default on your file?

I was also in a very amicable relationship with a loan company and noticed that since last September, I had my last credit report in August 2013, they have started to report 6 month late payments. This was a loan where they have never been nasty in the 7 years we have been paying them off in the DMP. They didn't inform me they were dong this.

I also contacted Barclay Card who we owe £370 about the way they have been reporting to Equifax and they say I would have been better off not paying them by the DMP because I have been paying £80 a month more than their minimum and it would have been reported as an in credit account and not as an arranged payment.
In effect the DMP has turned a good account into a bad one.

The same thing is the case with an overdrawn current account I have where I have still been charged interest.

I thought everything was ticking along nicely with my DMP with the "Light being seen at the End of the Tunnel". Now I'm just feeling a bit glum. I will never get into debt again but I do need a job.

I think the time to leave the DMP and start paying direct to our creditors is getting near.
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By TalbotWoods
#471273 (Hint) Have a look at each of the accounts and see what default dates are showing.

Depending on the type of job you are going for, it will depend on what is allowed and not allowed on your CRFs.

Some finance positions wont even allow a spelling mistake on the CRA, some companies will treat APs in the same way as Defaults or even CCJs, and I am sorry to say I know of at least 2 companies that 'found' a fault on a CRF so they didn't have to employ that person!

In much the same way some companies reject people on the strength of their CRB/DBS when the position they are going for doesn't actually need a CRB/DBS. Saves them trying to explain why they found you not suitable, blame the system instead.

To be honest if a company is nitpicking to that extent, well maybe....

Back to the main point, Barclay's are renown for doing this, marking accounts as APs and not issuing a default notice on the Credit Files. I would suggest contacting them and cheekily asking them for a copy of the default they originally issued as you are legally in breach of the T&Cs of the original agreement, and if not then tell you DMP Provider you want to force the issue, maybe by holding back a couple of months repayments!

And please please please know that a LOT of people can feel off when they can see the light at the end of the tunnel, that is normal!

(BTW I STILL think you should have challenged Lloyds on that mysterious additional amount they found after 6 years was up, at the time they wouldn't have had a leg to stand on!)