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Byno hoper
#467673 Hello

For the last few years my credit rating on Noddle was only 1 out of 5. Not surprising since I had bankruptcy, IVA, & default entries on their. In January the defaults & IVA reached the 6 year point & dropped off my record & the bankruptcy dropped off last night (I have been checking daily).

My credit file is now clean. I have had a Vanquis Gold card since 2009 & an Aqua card for 18 months. I do have outstanding balances on both of them but I am paying them down I pay well over the min payment every month. I have never missed a payment on either of them & the history status for both of them on Noddle is the Green circles with OK under them. In addition since 2008 I have had a Cashplus card with the Creditbuilder facility again that is also showing ok with the Green circles.

Also a few months ago I took out a couple of Wonga loans thinking they would improve my credit rating (I think it might have done the opposite). I paid one off on time & the second one early I have not & will not take anymore out.

I have two basic current a/cs with 2 different banks they are both listed & show as ok.

However, my credit rating has only gone up to number 2 which according to the Noddle site would still prob result in rejection for better credit offers. Does anyone know why it is still so low or is this Noddle score meaningless?

Byno hoper
#467803 Just an up-date.

It gets more bizarre. Last year I used the credit card soft search tool on MSE & Moneysupernarket & as expected both said couldn’t recommend anything apart from credit rebuilding cards (that I already have).

Now all the bad stuff has gone I tried soft search again (as I want a o% BAL trans deal). Both came back with Barclaycard at a 9/10 chance of acceptance on top followed by Capital One on 8/10 & a few others on 7/10. However, when I tried a soft search on the Capital One site it said I prob wouldn’t get it. Also Barclaycard where one of my creds in B/R & I’m sure I read somewhere ex-creds keep records for 7 yrs so I think that’s a non starter.

So obviously a lot of this seems to contradict Noddle who couldn’t recommend anything.

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#467863 Hi No Hoper

I've said it before to many others and I'll say it again, Noodle are part of Call Credit, and at present they are the least (most inaccurate) CRA.

CallCredit have to buy in the information of accounts as many times lenders and creditors do not pay to register information with them, so the result is the core information is often, how can I but this, I know out of day and inaccurate.

Believe me it is more important to see what Equifax and Experian are reporting!

Byno hoper
#467913 Thanks Talbot

I have req my files from Experian & Equifax & am just waiting for them to come through. If Call Credit are that inaccurate they shouldn't be allowed to have a licence. I really don't se the point in having a 3rd agency where does it stop could we have loads of CRAs in the future snooping on people.
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#467933 Please read it will help you understand Credit Scores


Until a few years ago there on;y used to be 2 CRAs, then along came the Skipton Building Society, who had a CEO who decided the information on the 2 CRAs was not detailed enough so they developed CallCredit.

In 2009, Skipton sold its interest in the company to Vitruvian Partners, a UK-based private equity firm. In 2014 GTCR, a leading Chicago-based private equity firm partnered with management to acquire the company.

So that is where they are now, owned by a US firm out to make money, and not overly careful on what you see!!
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