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By no hoper
#464613 Hello

I have my files from the 3 CRAs & everything seems in order. However, I was wondering is it worth paying the £10 to get a copy of my file from National Hunter as there are no CIFAS markers on any of my cr files. Also how can National Hunter justify a £10 fee when the other three CRAs only charge £2?

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By TalbotWoods
#464633 National Hunter is a member only service, and you will only appear on there if there is a flag against you.

It is NOT a Credit File, so all requests for info falls under the Data Protection Act for Subject Access rather than the legal requirement under the CRF.

What NH does is compare information you have supplied on financial application forms such as income levels. For example if you last month applied for a small loan and told them your income was £14K a year, then this month applied for a mortgage and told them your income was £68K a month, NH would kick in and warn the member organisation that there is something wrong.

It has caught out many people trying to commit fraud.

On this one UNLESS you beleive there will an entry (Hmmm you know that you had either committed fraud or were a victim of fraud) then I wouldn't bother