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#463453 Hello

Does anybody know which Cr Ref Agencies different lenders use? The only list i could find is from 2008 so does anybody know of more up-to-date version.

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#463463 They used to be good at staying with one or two, now they appear to change every few months, that is both for reporting to and checking.

ALL the big lenders report to both Equifax and Experian (some report to all three). The smaller lenders do change frequently but once your account is assigned to one, they will keep the account going on that one.

As for checking, at one time the lenders seemed to check one and stick with that. Now-a-days they will follow corporate decision and that often means which CRA offers the best value, is the one they check!

For high level lending they can and often do check two and sometimes all three CRA.

Something to be aware of CallCredit is coming up in the market, and they are trying to undercut the big CRAs, but there reporting has been noted as being (Hmmmm) not always accurate, and as such they can cause problems when no problem exists!

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