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By Jeff
#428373 The following was added to my credit file, as it's there for ever am I effectively in my IVA for life.

It says that my IVA was removed from the insolvency records on 28/04/2009.

It has just been over 6 years since my IVA and I am looking to clean up my record. I have a dreaded Egg loan and card to try to sort and Lloyds are being very nice and defaulting me on a regular basis (last updated May 2013)

Quite a lot of work ahead of me I think.

My main question is, if this notice of correction remains then it's a waste of time trying to clear anything up, isn't it?
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By TalbotWoods
#428443 Hi Jeff

Get rid of the NoC, as that actually stops automatic credit scoring and will remain until you remove it. I know one person who had placed a NoC on their CRF 8 years ago, and were confused why every application for credit (BT, Letting Agents, etc), resulted in a 'refer' account, and being turned down for low credit (mobiles)!!

Unfortunately with Egg and Lloyds they do tend to be an uphill fight, especially if a creditor has decided to just report as missed rather than settled or even correctly defaulted.

Egg has been bought by Barclays, so again, well lets put it this way.....

What you need to do is (and pinching from another post and adapted)

"Welcome to the way Lloyds (Barclay) are choosing to deal with insolvencies now. Not they are choosing to do this, as it is certainly not best practice!

At this stage you need to go back the start point and as they choose to ignore you, then escalate this each time, and please dont be surprised if this ends up with the Information Commissioner to enforce. If you dont follow the correct procedure, then it will fail the requirements for the next stage, so you will be bounced back to the beginning, and that is exactly what Lloyds are hoping for!

So first stage is it write them, requesting they amend the entries (see viewtopic.php?t=9431 ) the relevant Data Controller for Lloyds / Barclays is


E14 5HP

These departments are legally responsible for making sure that the records are correct, and it is imperative that you make sure you have written to them.

If you enclose copies of the IVA Notification and Discharge bits, then they will have all that is required.

If that department doesn't comply then they will then have provided the ICO (should you need to refer to them) that you have complied but Lloyds / Barclays have refused.

Keep copies and send this one recorded (also get a prove of psoting slip, as this will them provide the needed evidence).

OK I know it can get a bit of 'why bother' but if individuals keep on cashing to make sure the records are correct, it can result in a whacking fine being imposed on them.

Remember you 99.9% of the way there, now to stick it to the last ones!!"

By Jeff
#428543 Thanks for that, I did follow that advice a few years ago and the result was the NoC. Lloyd's ignored me as did egg.

I decided to wait until it was clear and tackle them then. I'm guessing I have to write to equifax directly to ask for the NoC to be removed? I don't remember asking for it myself.
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By TalbotWoods
#428583 They tend to place NoCs on files when an individual raises a dispute and they suspect it will go on for some time

So yes the NoC via the CRFs, the accounts vias the Data Controller, then formal complaint, then ICO