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By olly123
#420153 Last year I had a dispute with BT over an unpaid bill for £77, which I refused to pay. I checked my credit report the other day and this has now appeared on my account as a default.

As no credit was given, and no equipment was supplied, can this technically be recorded as a default?

BT also seem to be unable to give me the details of the debt collection agency that recorded the default, and it's not marked on the report.
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By TalbotWoods
#420293 Hi and Welcome

BT has only recently started to the Credit Files, and it is a bit of a mess unfortunately.

Let me address the default first and this will show how much of a mess it is. The ONLY organisation that can record or place a default on your account is the account holder. It doesn't matter if BT passed the debt to another a company to collect legally ONLY BT can place the default, no if's and no buts! So by they saying they dont know who did it is legally incorrect and could fall very very fowl of the Data Protection Law.

The way BT operates is that unless you are buying equipment all their phone services and over the line services are billed in arrears, and this is where the credit comes in.

If you have a dispute with them, then you need to address this, clear the dispute down and they will have to clear the account down.

So we can hopefully help you over this can you tell us what the debt of £77 is over, and what steps you have already taken.