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By whiteswan
#298023 Dear Forum

My husband's name appears on our mortgage account but he pays not a penny towards it and in fact I pay all the household bills. The idea when we got married 19 years ago was that as I was the higher earner, I would pay the bills and we would live off his money upon which we have a joint account, (I do not pay any contribution into this by the way.)

Hubby has now got himself into debt by using his entire o/draft facility to assist I have found out his Pasty Shop enterprise.

As I can prove that he has never paid towards the mortgage/bills, etc if push came to shove would we have to sell the house to pay his creditors. My 25 year mortgage is paid up next year and I would very much like to get his name off the mortgage. The mortgage was between me and my ex-husband and so the mortgage company insisted that my husband's name went on the mortgage.Originally with Citibank, the mortgage is now with the Halifax.

Thank you for your time today.