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By Charlton
#295313 Hi All,
Im new on here and i really hope you can help, My husband recently got made redundant from the RN but has applied for the Oz Navy, Problem we both have a few debts that we have got, we have paid most of these off and have a few little ones my hubby credit card and 2 little doorstep loans, which get paid off weekly but minimum payment. And i have gone to a debt management which i should be with for a year max. I was wanderin if these debts will stop us moving over to Oz??? We can pay all our debts as soon as he gets his redundancie payout. But we will be keeping our english accounts over here.

Hope you can help as im stressing with all the worrie
Many Thanks Naomi
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By TalbotWoods
#295803 Two aspects to this, and oddly thanks to my son and his partner, who are in the same position I know the answers, but in sons case his partner has done his time and some on top but is a 'specialist' trade!

With regards the RAN, before they complete sign on process, he will be financially checked, and if he has debts of over 1% of his gross annual pay he will be rejected at final vetting stage.

Moving to Aus, it wont be a problem if sponsored by the RAN, which of course it would be.

The advice the RANLO gave them was clear the debts, and if this is going to happen from redundancy pay then so be it, but let the RANLO know in the financial paperwork, if this is the day before RAN sign on then provide proof.

No debts, no problem, debts can mean application stopped at the last second, if there are current debts declare them, with how you are going to clear them and be prepared to prove you have!

And the best of luck to you both in Aus, you will love it!
By Charlton
#296543 Thanks for you feed back, well ive managed to pay all my husbands debts, except one credit card that im now paying monthly and its for a few hundred so im hoping his is going to help with his application.
Myself im now in with debt plan and my bills get paid monthly so hopefully by the time we go out to be with him they will be paid in full too. Again thankyou very much xxx