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By Betsy
#295243 Hi I divorced my husband 4 years ago and a court decided I should get the house solely in my name,my ex husband was not liable for the mortgage if I defaulted and also could not gain from me' selling for a profit. The property deeds are in my sole name but the mortgage company refuse to take my ex husbands name off the mortgage as I don't earn enough to cover the mortgage and I have bad credit rating from the divorce. I have however paid the mortgage on my own for the last 4 years! My ex is now threatening to take me' to court as he said his name should ofbeen off the mortgage but what can I do if the bank won't do this?? He keeps saying I'm in contempt of court Oder!! Please someone advise ! Thanks
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By JaneClack
#295263 Tell him what the mortgage company said and get him to contact them - and of course you have proved over the last four years that you can pay the mortgage.