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#201147 Can anyone please give any advice recentley a charging order was made against our property ,we did attened court but we wernt allowed to put a case to the court the creditor had obtained a forthwith judgement then applied for the CO .When we attended the court the judge did not ask any curcumstances just said she had no choice but to give final because an intrim had allready been made.Now the next bit this was done last month the court just gave the co nothing else was done ,no other orders etc today we recieved a warrent of execution for the samr co for the balifs to come and seize goods why are the doing this when the co has been given and what do i do any help advice woulde be really apprciated please i dont know what to do it seems that there is no one to ask .I have read the rules for co and it says the courts must take the circumstances into account but they havent ,i also thought that if the debt was over 5000 if had to be delt with at a higher court .the debt was 4000 and has now increased to 5190 i just dont know what to do anymore seems that courts just listen to creditors and do not listen to anyone else.
#201149 [quote="fitz"] but we wernt allowed to put a case to the court".

If this is correct, as oppose to not agreeing to your arguments, there is a possibility of a breech of Article 6(1) of the European Convention of Human Rights. This requires the right to a fair hearing ie a real and effective access to a court, a real opportunity to present your case.

See your local CAB as a matter of urgency. Ask whether they would support a legal challenge to this behaviour or help you make a complaint to the Lord Chancellor's Department ( or whatever it is now called).
#201156 please can someone offer any help dont no whether this is of any relevence but all this action started because of unfair charges the bank have also charging for an account which we did not have and refused to change it , they were charging for a current account plus when we had a basic account .we have both copies of the credit agreements ours and the banks (not signed) for the loan .I am at my wits end with this i dont know what to do
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