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By petera
#200884 Had the letter from OR informing me that I need to get a valuation on the house
This was done today and the "good news" is that its worth 10k less than originally thought
So ..... in theory if OR allows wifes beneficial interest then I will only have to find about 5k to keep the house
It will be tough to find but gotta be worth a try.
I await OR's comments !
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By scotcrew
#200902 That could be good news for you. When you say 'if OR allows wifes beneficial interest ' is the house only in your name? I would be interested to know the outcome as my property is only in my name and if it came to BR I would need to now that I can prove BI for my wife.

By petera
#200905 Yes house is just in my name
The OR will require proof of beneficial interest
We had a property before this one that we joint owned and when we sold we can prove that her half of profit went into new house so she has 10k in this house .
Also the mortgage is paid through her bank account
Obviously the latter is not conclusive as of course I could be giving her cash to pay in but the combination of the 2 things is hopefully enough.