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#200719 Two scenarios here

1. If my partner buys out my BI without selling the property, will the OR also expect 50% of any profit, bearing in mind that currently I have a deed of trust which shows my share as £35k only (we have talked about this in previous posts.

2. If, in this current climate, we are lucky enough to sell the house, albeit for a lower sum than expected, can we also deduct cost of sale, ie estate agents fees, legals, HIPs etc to calculate the beneficial interest claimed by the OR, or are they going to look at it as a straight sale, ie and say tough, you have to stand the legals?

Thanks all, once again look forward to your help :lol:
#200720 I am a twit :roll: I should read before I submit!!

Just to clarify my first question. What I actually meant to say is, if we don't sell the house but get written evaluations from estate agents documenting the expected selling price, will the OR accept these and be happy(!) with my £35k or will the OR look at what we COULD have got for it if sold and then estimate any profit?

Not sure if this is any better, I know what I mean, but brain has gone on holiday without me!!!

:oops: :oops: :oops:
#200769 can no one help me please?????
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