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By red24
#142885 Well what a minefield renting enquiries are turning out to be, going to be great fun when I need to start to do it seriously.

The restrictions put on from landlords are many - no smokers, no pets, no children, no DSS, professionals only, families only are just the ones I've come across.

Unfortunately we don't really come into any of those categories-

Has anyone managed to change landlords minds on any of these.

Anyone got a tent to spare.?????????
By bben
#143486 I would have offered you one but unfortunately just given it away to a relative. Let me know your location might be able to recomend
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By Sammy
#143492 I often wonder what people mean by 'professionals' - originally it meant the Church Law or Medicine
There is of course another professional, commonly called 'the oldest profession' but we won't go into that!!
I can't help thinking that the idea is for you to be in work? After all the word is used very very loosely these days
Good luck anyway!
By red24
#143523 Yes the professional is a bit of a grey area, I'm employed by the Local Authority with a lot of responsibility associated with my job, but have no 'professional' qualifications to do it. My OH is also in full time employment, we both smoke, have no dependants, not claiming benefits, have 3 cats (old ones).

Pets do seem to be a problem, funny really their are worse tenants than animals, but we won't go into that one.

With regard to area, we are hoping to rent in Hertfordshire, south of Hitchin/Stevenage, so if any one knows anywhere let me know.
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By Bright Future
#143579 Most landlords want to ensure that the rent will be paid on time and that tenants will respect the property. Also, there are new laws regarding tenant's deposits coming in force in April 2007, so ensure your deposit is handled properly.

Disregard the term 'professional' just show you can afford the rent and that you are responsible citizens. I think there is still more rented property than tenants willing to rent it.