Questions and Info relating to Property Issues inc, Charging Orders and Repossession

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By Trina
#472348 My mortgage soon, my CO in 11 months, someone told me I may have to pay a redemption fee? Can someone please tell me what it is, who I pay it to and how much the same person said thousands. Also would I be better to put the house in my husband and children's name with me as a life time interest as I have other debts? Thank you
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By JaneClack
#472349 This question cannot be answered as there are so many ifs and buts.

I would suggest you contact one or more of the organisations below so you can explain in more detail as they will be able to advise more fully.

Basically check the terms of the mortgage - if it is coming to an end - to check on any redemption fees as they are usually for early repayment. Similarly check the terms of your charging order.

Putting the property into someone else's name if you were considering any insolvency option would be regarded as trying to defraud your creditors.

However, this is all of the cuff and you need to explain in more detail to a reputable organization.