Questions and Info relating to Property Issues inc, Charging Orders and Repossession

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By sjmbcn
#469843 I currently live in Spain and have some debts in the UK that I am struggling to pay off. I have informed my creditors that I've moved and gave them my Spanish address. I suggested a goodwill monthly payment of one pound per month but received no response - that was nearly 2 years ago.

I have a flat I rent out in Scotland and I'd like to sell it so that I can close everything down there. There is practically no equity on the flat unfortunately. I haven't heard anything about inhibition orders or anything and wonder if putting the flat on the market or processing a sale will trigger anything with my creditors in the UK.

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By TalbotWoods
#469873 Hi and welcome

Assuming that there are no inhabitation orders on the property you should be OK to sell but in reality it may be worth checking before looking to sell.

You should really check with the Land Registry to see if anything has been marked against the property. I suggest going via the Registers of Scotland (RoS) ( Searching there will not alert any other party, as this is totally separate to credit files.

If there is an inhibition in place, then that will need to be dealt with, potentially before any sale can take place.

It is a shame that the creditors didn't acknowledge your new address, as that could have proved very useful if you needed to challenge an action they have taken.

By leslielampkin
#472400 All most two years back I was in some what similar situation and was not getting a way out to the problem but then I took advice from experts and they told me I can pay off my creditors by selling property in foreign country.