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#467463 I have a mortgage certificate for 29,000 for a 25% share of a new 2 bed house
Rent on 75% is - £249
Service charge is £0.18p
Mortgage is. - £112

I have loan of 9900 and pay - £218 month
Cc - £4900 spread across two cards - pay £75 month

I'm worried that I will get pulled up with the loan and cc? Santander said all it is next is credit search.

I'm so worried I will be refused

I've Never missed a payment and pay everything on time
All is green on reports and no issues
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#467513 Hi Daxi

There is now way we can say you will or wont get the funding, as a mortgage is so individual.

Yes there are some commonalities with acceptance criteria, but, and it is a very BIG but, all advisers have seen them both enforced and ignored.

Unfortunately shared ownership mortgages are not really something we can comment on with any degree of certainty as being a debt forum, we tend to pick up the pieces when mortgages go wrong!

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