Questions and Info relating to Property Issues inc, Charging Orders and Repossession

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By wasfine1981
#460943 Hi
not sure if this is allowed on a forum but i am wondering if anybody knows of a forum or anything like that were i can get some legal advice for a property issue. the problem is that i own a house with my ex partner which we purchased in January 2007 for £120k. We both put in £3,000 deposit and shared the morgage cost up to the point we split in feb 2009. Since then i have been paying the whole morgage ammount myself. I have also spent around £4,000 on essential home improvments like new windows etc. I am hoping to find out were i stand on if i would be made to pay her any money if and when i sell.

if anyone can advise or knows were i might be able to discuss this i would greatfully appriciate the help.
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By TalbotWoods
#460963 Hi

There are forums out there that can only give generalised advice, and I know they will all advise what I am goign to advise here.

As this is a property matter matter, involving your ex partner. Please seek the advice of a local solicitors firm. Many can be consulted intially free of charge, but as your and your ex's circumstances will be unique, you need unique advice.

OK I know this sounds like a cop-out, but beleive me in every circumstance it will depend on a whole raft of matters that will need specialist advice.

I am reminded of a client I worked with that took legal advice online regarding a property matter and an ex. Went to court and lost the house, because the advice had been so generalised the actual advice that should have offered and suggested was never raised!!