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By Nicky
#132487 There seems to be alot of people lately asking questions regarding Charging Orders, so I have added this forum to the board so people can look at what had already been spoken about on the board.

Hope it proves to be useful
By humble
#132504 Please help!!

I am being taken to court by Egg banking plc.
Basically on the county claim form I put a defense that I do not know how much I owe since I have never being informed how much or sent the account breakdown balance. Hence I can not say how much I owe

I requested true copies of all agreements and a complete account breakdown balance from the beginning to today after sending £1 payment which was acknowledged to be received by the data controller of the agency.

Now after 12 working days they defaulted after my request and after 12 working days plus 1 month I still did not receive any information.

Also from the information I was provided, there are only
screen dumps of various transactions which I do not understand exactly because I am not a finance software expert and also according to the balance breakdown provided the balance does not match the balance of the county court claim, surely there can not be 2
different acount balances, needs to be clarified because how then I can say how much I owe to then??, do I take their word for it? also there are
not interest or deductions described on their screen dumps, seems to be buried in each monthly balance

Also one of the signed agreements is missing, the first one because it was a loan top up agreements and according to the consumer Credit act
1974, a copy of the executed agreement and any other agrement referred in it must be provided!!!!

Also they did stay on the court proceedings
i.e they did not reply before the midnight on the dateline according to the county court but they informed me today that now want to continue by replying and asking to lift previous form, this is according to the
county court helpdesk very helpful person.

My question is ,
is it true that after 12 days plus 1 month it constitutes an offence not to have been provided the requested information to the debtor, is it a point to mention this to the court and in a county court of law will the judge do something about it, or will he/she disregard it???

I also complain to the trading standards and the OFT and filed a report about this but not much help or reply yet

what can I do? they want to put a charging order on my house and if I withdraw my defense well they will put me, my wife and 2 kids in the street I guess??. shall I continue to defend it or just admit what I owe and pay what I can Afford!!!

I can not afford a solicitor and I am on a low income temporary which is why I could not pay the high repayment and missed some installments.
cause I just did not have enough money. I have tried to pay what I can only afford...

Any help, any solicitor on the house help???

I am desperate!!! I think I have lost so damm any help needed!!!