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By steveo
#79157 heres a few i've used in the past, you got any you want to share?

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By Ange
homely wrote:and heres one ... 0-44cb35fa
fairly cheap clothing i have bought a couple of things from them and it's good value

Oooh Homely,

I like that site - I'm bookmarking it as a favourite - it goes up to big girl sizes too - like that even better.

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By billy
#79936 Oh suppose I could plug my old man's business too. Pretty niche but for men who find it difficult to shop for big clothes (up to 72" waist!) check this out, they are discount prices!
#79946 Homely thats a brilliant site, have ordered a gorgeous top :-)

By homely
#79948 no probs nmh and nilla,i only know this as my oh is a courier and knows all these cheap businesses,i am small and the sizin is good for me and i am only a 10,but i also think they're good as they do cater for the larger sizes and it doesn't cost a fortune,i did my order with my visa electron and recieved my cardigan before the payment came out.if there's any more i shall let you know
#79949 I used my Visa Electron as well, just clicked on the Visa Debit thing :-)