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By DuffNCustard
#338773 I had been using plain flour from Sainsbury, large standard sized bag costing £1.09 or thereabouts.

Now everyone knows you use plain flour to make your 'Yorkshires' with and no one in their right minds buggers about with their Yorkshires do they?

yesterday I tried Aldi's plain flour at 45p for the same size bag - MAJOR SUCCESS. Yorkshire puds 3" high and sink in the middle to hold the gravy - happy smiley faces all round.

So I point the finger of shame to Sainsbury's and tell them BUMHOLES TO YOU and will now stock up with Aldi's plain flour
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By TalbotWoods
#338843 I have two words on this matter

Aunt Bessies
By chandjay
#339283 Messing about with Yorkshire Puds ?... MESSING ABOUT WITH YORKSHIRE PUDS !!!!!!! AAAAaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh !!

You mess with my puds, I mess with your face - Kapeesh !!

A Yorkshireman jumps off a large building clutching a budgie, and plummets to earth at 100mph and breaks every bone in his body. When the ambulance is taking him to hospital, he says to the nurse - "I don't think much of this budgie-jumping lark"