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By disneylover43
#261573 Went to fill up this evening at asda as its the cheapest at the moment,but my debit was cancelled,there is nothing wrong with the card and there is more than enough in the account to pay for the diesel,but asda wont accept my card nor my husbands card.our cards are co-op debit cards and are accepted everywhere we have used it but not asda.
Has anyone had this problem with the co-op debit card?
I am going to complain to asda as the co-op cards are perfectly acceptable world wide,it made me really angry as its embarrassing being turned down.

rant over I am calm now :mrgreen:
By nigpet
#261593 Was it in the shop or the automatic pay at pump machine? My co-op card doesn't work in the auto macjines but is OK in the shop (normally!)
By disneylover43
nigpet wrote:Was it in the shop or the automatic pay at pump machine? My co-op card doesn't work in the auto macjines but is OK in the shop (normally!)

at the automatic pay you the shop is fine,but what is the difference at the auto pump ?
By nigpet
#261653 I don't know, maybe someone with technical knowledge can advise? I'm assuming it's something to do with the automatic checking it needs to do to confirm the funds are there. I know my barclays basic account is fine in the auto tills.
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By Gazza1912
#261703 Pre-Paid debit cards will also not work in supermarket petrol stations' automatic card payment machines.
By nomlas
#261743 I recently bought an item on ebay and paid via Paypal using my Co-Op Cashminder Visa Debit, no problem. I then wanted another item from the same company and phoned them directly, when I tried to pay with my card it was declined, when I went through ebay again to buy it all was well. :roll:
By disneylover43
#261803 I have just found out from another forum that the co-operative debit card has not yet been updated byt the bank on the systems so it is still showing up as a visa electron, this is really shoddy as my debit card was updated from electron to normal debit over a year ago.
By nomlas
#261833 I seem to remember reading that even though the card says visa debit and not electron it is still classed as electron in a few places. It is the first four numbers on the card, 4508, that counts. Not certain on this.
By nigpet
#262063 You're basically right about the co-op card not yet being fully updated, there's a long explanation of the technicalities on the money saving expert website, if I find the link I'll post it but it isn't difficult to find by the search field. Sometimes the receipt will show as visa debit, sometimes as electron. The upside is that you should still be able to use it to pay for flights with easyjet as they don't charge fees for electron - I KNEW there had to an upside to all this somewhere!
By red24
#268083 On the same subject, but not the Asda one! Electron debit cards can be used in Tesco to shop but not to pay for home delivery shopping. How bizarre is that??
By spaniel
#268353 Hi

I ordered a birthday cake from M&S on line but my Coop card was refused. I couldn't understand why because it is accepted in M&S stores. The reason I was told by M&S Customer Services is that "Electron" cards are also issued to teenagers. M&S sell wine on-line so to prevent underage people purchasing it then they just don't accept the card for on-line purchases (even clothes!). In store they can see what age you are. Some stores recognise it as an electron, others as a visa debit card - bit of a pain.